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Housewares Product Branding Trends to Look for in 2017

1.  Health and Wellness
-We are wanting to proactively manage our health today and are looking for items
that are seen to be beneficial to that end.  Promote ‘from scratch’ and ‘eating fresh’
with products that preserve food longer and make preparation fun and efficient.

2.  Ethnic Exploration
-The trend towards ethnic exploration is especially pertinent in the food world as new
cuisines are introduced to Americans.  The opportunity is to find products that will
specifically fit the unique needs of preparing those foods.

3.  More Work, Less Time
-Technology, while boosting productivity and entertainment options also keeps us
persistently plugged in with work overlapping into our personal home lives.  Products
that are efficient and save time in the kitchen are becoming more sought after.

4.  Easy and Affordable
-The current economy has caused us to become more cost-conscious.  We are entertaining
more friends and family in our homes, more time eating in than eating out, growing our
own food and enjoying small luxuries and seasonal rituals.  Creating bundles for value and
offering products with a superior quality to last longer are key.

5.  Experience and Indulgence
-Today we want products to be more fun, indulgent, adventurous….more of an ‘experience’.
This is our reward to ourselves. Show consumers an array of design in packaging and display
that engages all 5 senses, make their experience interactive with the products you are showing,
mix sensorial with functional by getting the product out of the box for the customer to experience.

6.  Sustainable and Ethics
-There is a trend for us to be mounting an awareness and concern for environmental and social
issues.  Visibly promote brands that get recognition for their environmental efforts, promote
product with sustainable and re-usable packaging.